Modeling massage

A Modeling massage is a technique made with stronger and deeper movements, in order to achieve. It is usually restricted to areas with a large accumulation of fat such as: abdomen, hips, culottes, glutes, thighs and arms.

Relaxing massage

A relaxing massage is a technique that mixes firm and gentle movements on the body. These movements sometimes stimulate stress and sensitivity, serotonin impulses, movements sometimes stress and normal sensitivity, movements such as stress, sensitivity and sensitivity. risk is from stress, posture problems or repetitive movements. Relaxing massage is an excellent alternative for the treatment of pain. it is a tool that promises well-being.


Relaxing body massage 30 min.


Relaxing body massage 60 min.


Pack 4 - 30 min. (1 offer)


Pack 4 - 60 min. (1 offer)


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