Oral Surgery

Oral surgery is the specialty of dentistry dedicated to the prevention, diagnosis and surgical treatment of traumas, deformities, injuries and diseases of the oral cavity involving both the aesthetic and functional aspects of the soft and hard tissues of the head, mouth, teeth, gums and neck. . 

This area of ​​dentistry is broad and covers several surgical procedures that can be performed with local anesthesia in a dental office (Minor Oral Surgery) or even in a hospital environment with general anesthesia (Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeries such as Orthognathic Surgeries, among others). 

The most common minor oral surgeries are extractions of teeth in the mouth or included (impacted), removal of root debris, supernumerary teeth, soft tissue surgery such as frenectomies (removal of frenulum), removal of cysts, drainage of abscesses, bone grafts , among others. at Dr. do Sorriso, the patient is our most precious asset, and for the best comfort, the clinic provides care under inhalation sedation with nitrous oxide for those patients who suffer with fear of performing surgical procedures. 

This procedure is safe and performed by a duly qualified professional and after a rigorous check up of the patient's general health. Within oral surgery there are also advanced surgeries (Oral Maxillofacial), usually performed in a hospital environment, a segment called reparatory or corrective surgeries, which include orthognathic surgeries responsible for correcting bone deformities that generate dental malocclusions, TMJ (such as arthroscopy), post-trauma bone fracture correction surgeries, among othersvolume_upcontent_copysharestar_border

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