Of all types of dental prosthesis, the crown is the one that has the simplest structure. That's because it will treat only one tooth, but its indication is for different cases. Therefore, there are also different types of dental crowns. It is possible to make a crown to make an indirect restoration on a tooth that has lost much of its structure. In this case, it is a small piece that the dentist glues over that tooth so that it returns to its ideal size and shape. 

These small prostheses can be called inlay, onlay or overlay. The difference between them is in the amount of tooth structure that will be replaced. Thus, they respectively replace the small, medium and large destruction caused by caries, fracture or wear, for example. There is also the crown that we fix on a dental implant. 

Some people believe that the implant is the artificial tooth, but it is actually the pin that we place in the bone. The prosthesis is placed on this pin, which has the characteristics of a natural tooth and will fulfill its functional and aesthetic role. In all treatments involving dental prostheses, these devices are custom made. 

The specialist, based on the characteristics of the natural dentition, develops the design of the new teeth so that they naturally reproduce their shape, size and shade. To adapt the types of dental prosthesis to each case, it is necessary to consult a professional who plans and executes the treatment in the best way. He will provide guidance on the use and cleaning of dentures, as the procedure also requires care to ensure their longevity. Want more details about treatment with dental prostheses and their indications? So, contact our experts to clarify your doubts! 

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