The Endodontist is a professional specialized in devitalization or treatment of the tooth root canal, which consists of removing the pulp from the tooth, which is a tissue found in its inner part. Once the pulp that has been damaged, infected or dead is removed, the resulting space must be cleaned, prepared and filled. 

This procedure seals the channel. A few years ago, teeth with infected or mortified pulps were extracted. Today root canals save many teeth that would otherwise have been lost. The most common cases of infected or dead pulp are: Broken tooth Deep caries Damage to the tooth, such as a strong trauma, whether recent or older. 

When the pulp is infected or dead, if left untreated, pus can form at the tip of the root inside the jawbone, forming an abscess. The abscess can destroy the bone that surrounds the tooth, causing pain.volume_upcontent_copysharestar_border

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